Best-Cost Country Sourcing

The holistic use of factor cost differences is the guarantor of success in global competition. The evaluation of the factors in this regard takes place exlusively according company and material group-specific aspects.

Through our long years of purchasing expertise, profound technological understanding and market experience as well as presence in Best-Cost Countries, we lay the foundation for long-term and fair cooperation with our customers.

  • System audit
  • Certification
  • Process stability
Logistic & Lead times
  • Reliability
  • Location & Flexibility
Market price volatility
  • Structure & Transparency
Factor cost differences
  • Process costs
  • Labour- and Energy costs
  • Material costs
Risk management
  • Contract design
  • Political risks
  • Language, Culture, Timezones
Manufacturing competences
  • Production & Resources
  • Capacities
Technical Competences
  • Experience & Know-how
  • R&D