Integrated Supply Chain Services

With our sustainable Integrated Supply Chain Services, we support you in consolidating your global sourcing (e.g. India, China, Turkey and Southeasteurope) by providing you with holistic support for your current supplier structures and offering following services:


  • Incoming goods
  • Storage
  • Repacking
  • Outgoing goods
  • Daily customized deliveries


  • Administrative goods receipt bookings in your ERP system
  • Accordance with your QA control plan
  • Use of quarantine store/area
  • Inventory as per Customer requirements and cycle

Dispositive purchasing support

  • Delivery date monitoring
  • Escalation management

Engineering Change Management

Sorting, Removing, Reworking as per customer‘s specifications

Container management incl. Packing material disposal


The complete strategic, price and contractual purchasing authority in this regard is always in your responsibility.

Cost reduction. Long term. Together. Growth.